Welcome to Feoga!

Feoga is a family owned dynamic company with a well experienced and dedicated team that for decades has imported and distributed quality MEAT, SEAFOOD, SPICES, RICE & OIL from around the world. In addition to distributing to other businesses, Feoga has several facilities throughout the country that wholesale and retail their products as well.

The drive to seek quality and wholesome products traces back to the genesis of the company, where the founder always stressed, “if it should be anything at all, it must be quality”. For decades, this has served as a guide for the company’s purchasing personnel to always seek the best products available, and preserve them with the best equipment by any means possible to maintain the highest quality of the products at all times.

The appearance, nutrition, taste, and freshness of products are among the many factors that our experienced purchasing team evaluates when analyzing quality. We carefully evaluate all of the merchandise that we import, and we are committed to products that are of highest quality.