About us

  • Our History

    This is the part of the website where we get to brag a little and tell about our history. You might be wondering how a small family business like this could transform itself to be one of the leading distributors of refine and quality products in Ghana, particularly in the Eastern Region. Well, it all started over 25 years ago when the founder of the company, Victoria Okyere, unearthed an opportunity while working in her father’s company (Akro Freezing Company) in Koforidua, Ghana. While working there as clerk, she started to receive fish from her father to smoke and sell. As time went on, her customers started demanding the smoked fish in large quantities and she could barely meet their demands.

    In order to satisfy her numerous customers, she decided to teach her devoted clients the secret of fish smoking, so that she could supply them with the fresh fish for them to smoke it themselves. The plan was very successful; however, she still could not meet the customers’ demands for fresh fish. The higher demand for her fish product compelled her to build a “cold store,” to store the fish. This subsequently resulted in the existence of the FEOGA VENTURES LIMITED. Feoga Company has been in existence for 25 years (1989). With branches all over Ghana, West Africa, the company is devoted to providing world class service and quality products to the valuable customers. The primary goal of the company is to import quality products at affordable price for the committed customers.


  • Mission Statement

    We are committed to achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our utmost priority is to be recognized for our exceptional customer services and our affordable, hygienic and highest quality products

    Vision Statement

    Lead in Customer Service and in Value

  • At Feoga, we acknowledge the fact that customers and employees are the backbone of our company, and we treat them as such. A true respect for our customers and the individuals that constitute our team has always contributed to our success, and set us apart from our competitors. Tactical vision along with strategic mission does not actually define a company success, but rather the people behind it. I am grateful we have been able to maintain a corporate culture that enables us to attract and keep the right employees.

    With the focus of our management team, guided by the company’s core values, vision and mission statement; as well as the company’s educational support for both customers and employees, I believe Feoga’s future is bright and excellent. BIG THANK YOU to our dedicated employees and customers for their support.

  • At Feoga we believe in helping customers achieve their goals, just as the founder did. We truly believe that right people are the basis for our success. Our reputation as the leading distributor for quality products is possible due to talented and creative people and a culture of willingness to share and teach others to realize their dreams.

    As we continue to grow, it is essential that we continue to hire, train/teach, and develop the best people to expand our devoted team. Our tradition of excellence in customer service, quality products, and dedicated team members allows us to outperform our competitors. Our corporate culture values people and promotes an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to develop to his or her full potential.


  • Service:

    We exist because of our customers and without them we will not be in business. They ARE the backbone of our business and in all things we place them first, we respond to their needs and work hard to resolve their issues. We share their sense of urgency.

    Open Communication:

    We promote and encourage open communication, listening and exchange of ideas.


    We reward results, and encourage workers to be responsible for their work and their actions.


    We strive to live a life of undivided integrity. We conduct ourselves ethically and according to the highest professional standards.


    We treat each other and our customers with respect and dignity. We reach our goals by working as a team.